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Have a question about hydrographic decorating or another service we offer? Please feel free to review the Frequently Asked Questions from our customers below or Contact Us.

Q: What exactly do we do?

A: We decorate plastic and metal parts for OEM manufacturing.  For example, we may decorate an ATV fender with a camouflage or carbon fiber pattern.  We may also decorate a refrigerator door with a stainless steel pattern.

Q: What types of decoration do we offer?

A: Hydrographics, paint, UV curables, pad printing, silk screen, and laser marking

Q: What is hydrographics and how does it work?

A: Hydrographics consists of floating a soluble printed film on water, activating the film to rewet the ink, and submerging a metal or plastic part through the wet ink into the water.  The pattern is transferred to the three-dimensional part as it passes through the soluble film.

Q: What are our most popular hydrographic patterns? 

A: Wood grains, camouflage, brushed metals, and carbon fibers are the most popular.  We work with multiple global film suppliers to bring the largest variety of patterns, including the ability to make custom designs.

Q: What sets us apart from other decorators?

A: Robotic processes for hydrographics, painting, and clear coat ensures consistency, quality, and cost competitiveness.  Our quality system is tuned to deliver quality parts on-time at a competitive price. Further, we have been a pioneer in the plastics and metal decorating industry for over 26 years.

Q: Do we make direct-to-consumer products or will you decorate parts such as guns and ATV components for individual consumers?  

A: No, we work directly with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers.

Q: What are our painting capabilities?

A: We utilize a combination of manual, robotic, and chain-on-edge paint lines to accommodate a variety of parts.  Parts can range from cell phone size up to large ATV fenders. Base coat / 2K clear coat systems can be applied consistently with high quality results.