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FinishTEK has extensive skill and experience with both water borne and 2K urethane paint applications with both robotics and manual lines.
These capabilities include:

  • State-of-the-art proportioning equipment developed with equipment manufacturers to control the painting process.
  • Extensive experience applying 2K urethanes to automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and recreational parts.

Robotic Painting

If there is a need for a painting line with large capacity, a full-automatic paint shop is the best way to ensure an efficient and reliable painting process. In other situations, a semi-automatic line with manual handling of some of the processes can be the best solution.

In a fully automatic painting plant, the items are transported automatically from one process zone to another either on overhead conveyor, floor-mounted conveyor, power and free-conveyor or roller conveyor, and the paint application is performed by use of robots.

The complexity of an automatic painting line varies a lot depending on item type, capacity needs and surface treatment. RFI

Manual Painting Line

A manual painting line is suitable when flexibility is crucial, e.g. when painting large, complex items or items of varying sizes and shapes. With many color changes, a manual paint application can also be the best solution.

The painting lines are designed with the required boxes and cabinets for cleaning, pre-treatment, application and curing, and all processes are separated and ventilated according to needs.


Shielding makes plastic enclosures impervious to electronic interference, thus protecting internal equipment. Shielding also protects external electronic devices from electrical interference caused by emissions from your device.

UV Hard-Coating

The UV Curable paint system hard coats plastic substrates with a scratch and chemical resistant coating for durability and aesthetics. This process allows the finish to be cured or hardened with the exposure of Ultra Violet (UV) light to speed the manufacturing process and reduce program cost.

Waterborne Painting

Waterborne coating is a general term used to describe any surface coating or finish that uses water as a solvent to disperse the resin added to it to create the coating. Composition varies and may include as much as 80% water with small amounts of other solvents such as glycol ethers. High water content makes waterborne coatings both environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Chain on Edge

Chain on Edge Paint Line is used to convey, coat, and cure a wide array of “handle-able” products. This painting systems work best when finishing mass batch parts The Chain on Edge Paint Line is the most efficient way to finish numerous parts.