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What is Hydro Dipping Film?

Hydro Dipping Film Basics The film used in hydro dipping produces a quality and custom finish for any OEM parts. Special inks are printed onto a large roll of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) film. This clear film is water-soluble, which means it will start to break down when floated on water and the activator chemical is […]

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Does Hydro Dipping Wear Off?

FinishTEK has been providing custom hydrographics for low and high-volume parts for over 25 years in the power sports, automotive, appliance, agriculture, and other industries. Hydro dipping, also known as Immersion Printing, is a process of transferring colors and patterns onto various materials. The resulting look is 360-degrees of awesome. But does hydro dipping wear […]

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Quality & Performance Requirements + Test Data

Hydrographics & Paint Customers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within the powersports, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and other industries have strict standards to ensure the quality and repeatability of their product. A successful hydrographics company who caters to these higher volume, production markets will not only exceed their customer’s expectations, but will use Lean Six Sigma […]

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