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Quality & Performance Requirements + Test Data

Hydrographics & Paint Customers
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within the powersports, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and other industries have strict standards to ensure the quality and repeatability of their product.

A successful hydrographics company who caters to these higher volume, production markets will not only exceed their customer’s expectations, but will use Lean Six Sigma methods to continuously improve their products and processes. The utilization of robots and automated lines gives companies the ability to support high volume programs and, at the same time, have world class process control and repeatability.










Typical Customer Requirements
Requirements vary by customer and industry, but typically include:

  • Quality Appearance (uniform coverage and color)
  • Natural Weathering (24 month FL sunlight without fade)
  • Impact Resistance (withstand impact without cracking or peeling)









Quality and Testing Capabilities
Companies with strong quality performance often have a wide range of state-of-the art internal testing and inspection capabilities. These are used to ensure the quality of the product and that it meets customer requirements. Examples include:

  • Incoming film inspection
  • X-Rite Spectrophotometer – Measures relative color values
  • Fisher Dualscope – Measures coating thickness
  • Gardco Gloss Meter – Measure relative gloss values
  • Microview Microscope – Analysis of film builds and defects
  • Click here to view a wide range of testing capabilities for hydrographics and other products















What quality and performance test data is available?
Components utilizing the hydrographics process are finished with a durable painted clear coat which provides resistance to the elements and improves other part properties. From years of experience, the following test results and performance data are among the most commonly requested. Contact us to learn more and discuss specific test results that may be applicable for your product.

  • Gas, Oil, and Chemical Resistance
  • Adhesion
  • Weatherability
  • Gloss
  • Impact Resistance