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FinishTEK’s quality initiative is to satisfy all of our customer’s program specifications and requirements. FinishTEK has been successful at meeting the rigorous quality standards of numerous OEM’s in automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and recreation.

Our quality system far exceeds our customer requirements. Our management team has been involved in many quality systems and their experience includes 6-Sigma, QS 9000, ISO 9000, TS16949, and most recently IATF16949. All product is 100% inspected plus final outgoing audits on every shipment. Incoming inspection is performed to catch any issues before we begin production on your parts. Key Performance Indicators are documented and reviewed for continuous improvement activity.

We take pride in 5S + Safety and incorporate it into every aspect of our business it is a part of our culture.


FinishTEK uses state-of-the art testing equipment to ensure that our processes are in control and meeting our customer’s requirements. The following is a list of test equipment currently in house at FinishTEK; we also have significant testing capability in our R&D facility – visit this link to learn more.

  • X-Rite Spectrophotometer – measures relative color values
  • Fisher Dualscope – measures coating thickness
  • Gardco Gloss Meter – measures relative gloss values
  • Microview Microscope – analysis if film builds and defects