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How Hydrodraphics & Hydro Dipping Work | FinishTEK

Hydrographics Dipped in TankHydrographics is also referred to as Immersion Printing, Water Transfer Printing, and Hydro Dipping. A dissolvable-printed film is floated on a tank filled with water. The image from the film is transferred to the part as it is dipped into the tank.

Hydrographic finishing provides complete 360° coverage over corners and in the crevasses of the most difficult three-dimensional parts.

Hydrographic provides a very durable finish. A company proficient in hydrographic technology tests for the following demanding standards: Hardness, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion to the substrate.

Deploying both automation and humans to create the best finish.


The Polyurethane Clear Coat gives the hydrographic decoration properties similar to an automotive paint system. The process meets or exceeds most OEM specifications for quality.

Durability testing can be conducted in-house or R&D facilities.

Types of Finishes

Hydrographics allows our customers to customize their products to stand out against their competition. If offers a wide variety of films – wood grains, marbles, camouflage, brushed metals, and an opportunity to customize.